“This project allows me to give back to a city that has given me a lot of my identity. It lets me offer a broad view of this place in time via these momentary portals. Center City, North Philly, West Philly, Germantown, Fishtown, Allegheny are not islands to themselves. They all make up this place, and I want people to see themselves that way. Not as individuals siloed to the good, bad, and ugly of their area, but as members of a whole who are experiencing and being affected by our changing city together.

I wanted to offer people the opportunity to view single moments of life in a changing city. I really want people to take a moment to appreciate that things are changing fast out here and that the character of the city is found in its people, places, and simple moments that we often overlook or look right past… And a lot of these moments and places might not be around much longer. I want people in different parts of the city to see images of people and things they don’t know and might not even like and realize that regardless they are all apart of it. That being a Philadelphian isn’t defined by supporting a team, it’s done by seeing yourself as a small piece of a much larger community.”

Lead Artist
Sheldon Abba


Streets Dept